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Do you need help with Python, TDD, AWS, CI/CD, ML, Django, Flask, FastAPI or Docker?


I can help you start and progress in Python. Web and Machine learning development


I can help you design, deploy and monitor serverless microservices


I can help you start and progress with test driven development

About me

I’m an experienced software engineer and startup founder. I’m skilled in serverless microservices design, scaling, and the development of custom machine learning algorithms. I deeply care about clean code and TDD. My toolbox includes Python, AWS (DyanamoDB, ECS, Lambda, S3, Batch, RDS, EC2), Docker, Flask, Django, Gitlab CI/CD, Javascript, NodeJS, ExperssJS.

You can hire me for consulting, training or mentorship.

MSc in electrical engineering CTO & co-founder @ | Author of blog posts @

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